Tanics R4 is now available. You have to see it to believe it!

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About Tanics

Tanics is the next generation productivity tool that redefines how organizations, managers and employees manage performance and outcomes. Gone are the days of setting your goals at the start of the year and then reviewing them at the end of the year with the hopes of justifying performance and accomplishments. Organizations need strategic alignment and a hyper-connected collaborative workforce that can manage outcomes using real-time data and analytics to efficiently and effectively produce results.

The Tanics Advantage

  • Making the score visible is a critical component of management. Being able to course correct on a daily basis provides an organization with the business agility it needs to compete and react to ever changing business conditions.
  • Aligning the workforce ensures that everyone understands how their contribution will affect the overall business.
  • Creating a hyper-connected workforce promotes more collaboration on objectives resulting in a stronger team dynamic as well as reducing department silos.
  • Analytics provides insight into how the business and people are doing. Tanics predictive analytics provides a forecast of attainment which foster more real performance conversations between manager and employee.
  • Connecting scorecards and KPIs directly into the performance system provides employees with real-time data to manage outcomes. It also directly connects the company achievements to employees resulting in a more accountable day-to-day focus.
  • Mobile access ensures that information is always available and easy to update.

R4 New Features

  • Two new objective types
    • Data Link Objectives let organizations connect their KPIs to an employee’s objectives. Objective updates are then generated by the results of the KPI. Connecting organizational results directly to employee’s objectives.
    • Auto Aggregate Objectives enable managers to assign the ownership of an objective to an employee or group of employees. The attainment is the aggregate of the attainments of each employee aligned to that manager objective.
  • Our Predictive Analytics algorithm will calculate the predicted attainment of an employee’s objective based on the past updates and remaining time. Having insight into an attainment forecast fosters manager and employee discussions on the outcome of objective.
  • Activity Viewer is an advanced filtering engine that facilitates viewing activity. Activity is created for any update in Tanics. Reviewing activity can provide a clear understanding of everything that happened on an objective. Managers automatically get employee activity, so it is easy to stay connected to progress or issues.
  • Advanced Analytics for the entire company, department or employees provides information on progress and attainment. Several of the analytics will show period over period comparison to help organization identify their incremental progress.
  • Employee Progress Reports are a critical manager / employee one-on-one tool designed to help capture point in time progress. The workflow ensures that employee and manager comments are captured for future reference.
  • Self-Register features makes it easy and fast for organizations to get started using Tanics. Follow the step-by-step self-register process and be entering objectives in minutes. Our new Rock-Star Manager program let’s managers use Tanics for free trial. Leave spreadsheets behind, be that manager who innovated and has the most performance minded team.
  • Full Mobile Access is now available keeping your entire organization connected and focused on objectives, progress and outcomes.