Join Our Rock Star Manager Program

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Introducing the Rock Star Manager program. The objective is to provide managers with an innovative productivity tool for optimizing performance and share industry proven best practices to make any manager a rock star in their organization.

It is quite simple. Tanics provides the software and you simply do a quick setup and get optimizing performance.

5 Easy Steps to Get Started

  1. Go to Try Tanics and request the self-register option (no obligation and no credit card required)
  2. Once you receive the instructions from Tanics, complete the company setup wizard
  3. Follow the emailed step-by-step directions to complete setup preferences  
  4. Enter your company strategic objectives which typically are what drives the managers objectives
  5. Get your employees to enter their objectives

That’s it!  You are now ready to track and collaborate on objectives. Get optimizing performance.

The Tanics Rock Star Manager program is free for up to two departments (up to 25 employees).  Tanics believes that once an organization realizes the benefits and value add they will want to roll it out across the entire workforce.  

How will optimizing performance make you a Rock Star Manager?

  • Achieving objectives makes for a more positive team.  Having one of the most positive teams will surely be recognized not only by management but by other employees.  You may have employee transfers to deal with.

  • Optimizing performance by using powerful innovate productivity tools is not only appreciated by managers but employees alike.  Having clarity on objectives and priorities as well as an ability to work collaboratively with others that share a common objective is important to employees.  

  • Connecting employee objectives to their manager and the overall company objectives significantly helps employees understand how their contribution impacts the organization.  

  • Making communication and progress updates easy significantly improves efficiency and a sense of teamwork

  • Real-time data and analytics will provide insight into optimizing performance and maximizing outcomes.  It provides the measurements in “you manage what you measure”.

  • Predictive analytics will encourage managers and employees to talk more about the progress and the attainment forecast for each objective. A real conversation will help optimize performance.

Tanics’ believes that when performance management is done right,  managers and employees benefit not just the organization. By becoming a rock star manager, you can make rock star employees.  Let Tanics help your department become rock stars!

Visit Try Tanics to get started.