Solutions to Strategy Execution

In today’s fast paced environment, if you do not have a hyper-connected workforce focusing on the company’s core strategic goals every day, you are falling behind the competition. Your strategic vision should be communicated to and supported by employees at every level. Employees no longer want to work in silos or be kept out of the loop. They want meaningful work that impacts the company. They want to be recognized and receive constructive feedback in real-time, not 6 months later in a formal performance management review.

Tanics helps organizations execute and achieve their strategic goals. Executives have a platform to communicate the important initiatives and milestones they need accomplished in a given time-period. With this knowledge, departments, teams, and individuals can contribute to the success of the company by creating objectives, aligning them to the core strategic goals, and seeing how their contribution is helping move the core strategy needle forward.


Goal Clarity Across Your Organization

Organizations with higher goal clarity perform better. SMART goals and OKR frameworks allow organizations to perform at the highest levels. Tanics keeps all objectives in one place, in one format, visible to all, and allows everybody to understand the objectives.

Alignment Across Departments

Alignment is an important ingredient to team harmony and engagement and is a fundamental contributor to strategy execution. Tanics provides the linkage and tracking of inter-related objectives and graphically shows objective progress, which is vital information to manage outcomes.

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Team Collaboration

When you have clear, aligned, and transparent goals, collaboration is naturally enhanced. When people understand they are inter-related and relied upon, they become more collaborative and communicative. Stay abreast of all updates using Tanics notifications and activities. “Like” someones objectives and stay connected with everything that happens.

Continuous Feedback

Business is changing from “after the fact” performance feedback to a continuous feedback model. Timely feedback and coaching about how to achieve goals improve performance and develops people. Updating objective progress, providing comments, and utilizing Employee Progress Reports facilitates a strong coaching / feedback platform.

Employee Progress Reports provide a point-in-time status update for both the manager and employee.  Capturing one-on-one feedback helps keep everyone focused.  This type of continuous feedback ensures priorities are documented and progress and issues are tracked.  


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Increase Employee Engagement and Organizational Performance

Clarity, alignment, collaboration and feedback lead to employee engagement! These are the behaviours people want and increasingly expect at leading organizations.

Being able to view employee / department / company objectives and see the progress of their achievements in real-time drives organizational performance. Tanics supports leaders at all levels in moving the corporate performance needle forward.

Full Mobility

Review or update your team’s progress on any device and anywhere in the world. Whether you use a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone, you will have your Tanics dashboard wherever you go. Our cloud-based software means no software or app needs to be downloaded on your device. You only need the internet to access your company’s real-time data.