Performance Management Platform

Align your employees to ignite business productivity

In today’s market, your team needs to be agile. Tanics empowers your workforce by providing clear communication and continuous feedback in real-time. Boost performance, visibility, employee engagement, and rise from being reactive to proactive in every area of your business.

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One tool to save it all

The days of managing copious software products to support your team and meet business objectives are over. Tanics combines meaningful communication, cascading business objectives, and employee performance into one simple and easy to use platform so you can drive measurable productivity everywhere in your business.


Stop problems before they start

The Tanics performance management platform has everything you need to increase employee effort in real time. View productivity and achievement instantly and identify micro issues before they grow. Predictive analytics help you plan and manage resources before problems arise so you can take your management to the next level with confidence.


As simple as using Excel or PowerPoint

Tanics is easy to implement and even easier to use. Empower your employees to set their own goals and align them with your department and company objectives. The Tanics platform integrates conversations, progress, collaboration, and employee performance into one powerful tool.


At last, a solution to truly support your agile culture

Companies today have to react quickly to an ever-changing market. Until now, you’ve had to patch together software solutions and manual processes to support communication and keep everyone aligned. We understand these difficult and time-consuming challenges which is why we have combined everything you need into one solution so you can reach your objectives at the speed of business.

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Conversations that matter

Tanics frees you to eliminate your individual software solutions by making it easy to collaborate effectively on business objectives. With Tanics you have the power to see the conversations, activity, and likes related to each objective, goal or task. And you finally have real-time visibility into goal attainment and beliefs for everyone in your organization.

Unite goals from top to bottom

Whether you use smart goals or OKRs, Tanics works with the framework that’s right for you. You can set up cascading objectives to see strategic business performance or drill into specific tasks being completed at every level from entire departments right down to individual employees.

Real-time progress feedback

Goals are meant to drive results. The days of stale, retroactive metrics used to drive annual or even quarterly efforts are irrelevant and outdated. With Tanics you and your team can see your progress and efficiency tracked against objectives in real-time allowing you to make course corrections before it is too late.



When you connect employee performance to business performance, everyone wins

Tanics allows you to set goals and then empowers your employees to create their own to advance them. This cascading nature of goals and objectives ensures that everyone is working in the same direction that will unite your business and power it forward.

Keep your workforce focused and engaged

The Tanics platform was developed for you to determine strategic goals and for your team to establish their own to support the larger vision. Employees can view their colleagues’ objectives and communicate as well as collaborate with them, all in one place.

Support your employees’ growth

Gone are the days of subjective employee performance reviews. With Tanics you can watch your employees’ accomplishments over time, see peer recognition, feedback, activity, and sentiment to help you coach your teams more effectively than ever before.

Provide employee feedback in context

Tanics lets you offer continuous, relevant feedback through lightweight, purposeful conversations around your company’s objectives. It’s never been easier to keep your employees aligned with business priorities and development goals.