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Level Up Leadership Series

Workshop - November 5, 2019

“How the World’s Best Organizations Set, Track
and Manage Goal Attainment”

To register, complete the following survey. We will tailor this workshop to focus on the answers you provide.

Do you have any challenges with goal setting? *
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To what degree are you and your leadership team committed to tracking / managing goals to drive results?
Rate these 4 themes in terms of what is most important for you to get out of this workshop:
#1 - Learn how to set high calibre goals that shift the bottom line. *
#2 - Learn the best goal setting framework the world’s best companies are using. *
#3 - Understand the roadblocks a company is likely to face in adopting goal management best practice. *
#4 - Learn how to leverage state of the art technology in managing and executing goals. *