Meet Our Team

Paul Bouvier - Tanics

Paul Bouvier
CEO, Co-Founder

Based out of beautiful Kelowna, BC, Paul is a dedicated IT professional with over 30 years experience in software development and senior management. Playing many roles in addition to CEO, the one role that is his true passion is product management and development. Identifying the core business challenges while working closely with managers and employees to develop a true productivity tool is the essence of Tanics.

Phone: 250-826-5427


Chris Hildebrandt - Tanics

Chris Hildebrandt
Director of Customer Success

As a Human Resource professional for the past 15 years, Chris’ passion is people. He understands how performance systems work and how it can be interpreted by all levels of an organization as he has implemented and managed multiple systems. Chris is a big advocate for technology like Tanics as he enjoys helping companies get the best out of their employees... their most valued asset.

Phone: 250-870-6717

Tanics believes there is an easy way to manage performance. Align peoples' objectives to the core organizational strategic goals, provide a tool to facilitate collaboration on personal objectives while tracking results and deliver relevant analytics to better manage the business.